Workflow activity, ATF step, or other forms showing code starting with var buckets=


If we open the workflow activity record in designer view, some of the sections show the text like below :

var buckets = ['info', 'error','access']; var ret = 'outputmsg_hide'; if (gs.hasMessages(buckets)) ret = ''; ret;

The same can appear in ATF form steps:


UI Macro named 'section' (OOB SysID 4424a5b34f4143001f6eac118110c7cb) present in the instance


To resolve the issue, change the name of the Macro and set it as inactive, or delete the UI macro.

Additional Information

This UI Macro is not present in OOB instance and this was added as workaround to fix issues Japanese translations in older versions (before Kingston). If this is still present in the instance it would cause unexpected text to show on the forms.