KB Category Business Rule not running after New York Upgrade


We're encountering an issues where a custom business rule is not running after upgrading to New York. The business rule is supposed to run when changes are made to Knowledge Categories on the kb_category table. When a category is changed, it is supposed to apply the same change to all other categories with the same label. 


Order of custom business rule.


The behavior seen is related to when the custom business rule is running in relation to out of box business rule 'Category - generate full name'. The URL for the out of box business rule is below:
<instance name>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sys_script.do?sys_id=390fc1229f213100d8f8700c267fcf39

The out of box business rule calls an update. Since the update is happening before the custom business rule, this is committing the change made to the category label. Due to this, the custom business rule is not searching for the labels with the original name, but rather the newly updated label. 

We can see previous.label is returning the new value set and not the original value. This is why the other records with the same label are not updated. The solution here will be to review/update the custom business rule. For example, if the Order value is set to have this run before the out of box business rule, the behavior works as expected.