MID Server configured to use Edge Proxy fails to start if forward proxy is also configured


MID Server fails to startup after config.xml is updated to use the Edge proxy url

See Edge Encryption MID Server integration for details on how to configure MID Server to use Edge Proxy

Error in the MID server logs:

12/12/19 21:19:59 (287) StartupSequencer SEVERE * ERROR  SOAP
Response: Status code=503, Response body=
12/12/19 21:19:59 (288) StartupSequencer SEVERE
ERROR Problem
invoking InstanceInfo on https://atyourservice.xxxx.com/: Please check
that the InstanceInfo page exists in the sys_public table and active="true".
12/12/19 21:19:59 (288) StartupSequencer SEVERE
ERROR (Network
Configuration issue) Please check that the MID server can ping the
instance: https://atyourservice.xxxx.com/
You may also need to configure the network that the MID server uses to
allow traffic over TCP port 443.
12/12/19 21:19:59 (290) StartupSequencer SEVERE
ERROR * test failure
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to connect to instance.
at com.service_now.mid.services.StartupSequencer.runTests(
at com.service_now.mid.services.StartupSequencer$Starter.run(




The MID Server was also configured to use a Forward Proxy. So the communication path was MID Server --> Forward Proxy --> Edge Proxy --> Forward Proxy --> Instance
which was breaking.

The following parameters in the config.xml indicate a forward proxy is used:

<parameter name="mid.proxy.use_proxy" value="true"/>
<parameter name="mid.proxy.host" value="xxxx.xxxx.xxx"/>
<parameter name="mid.proxy.port" value="xxxx"/>


Update the MID Server config.xml file and remove the Forward proxy configuration.
Stop and Start the MID Server
The MID Server started successfully.