Nutanix Pattern Discovery Error 401 - Unauthorized Bad credentials


Nutanix pattern discovery error "401 Unauthorized Bad credentials".

Release or Environment

All currently supported environments.


The nutanix pattern makes use of "Nutanix API Query". The "Nutanix API Query" uses MID server script include "NutanixAPIQuery", found in table ecc_agent_script_include.

The NutanixAPIQuery uses the "Basic Auth" credentials to make rest calls to the target IP addresses. Error 401 is returned by the nutanix API. Error 401 means that the basic authentication user does not have access to the API element requested.


Provide at least read-only access to all API elements as listed below:

The above list is found on document Nutanix Acropolis discovery.

Note: The first request collects a list of clusters from the IP provided. The next queries are done directly to the clusters. Permission may need to be set per cluster.

Additional Information

The "Nutanix REST API" can be used to test permissions, or any REST API tool:

The following links may also be helpful: