Side Loading Not Supported

The following KB details information regarding "Side Loading" and supports involvement around assisting with cases in correlation to side loading.

What is side loading?

Side Loading is when an externally developed app is installed on a customer's instance via an update set.  In the case of Store partners, this is related to a scoped app that has been installed as a developed app thorough an update set but a later decision is made to then publish the app to the ServiceNow store. This is discretely correlated with apps developed through the technology partner program.

Technical support will not assist with applications that have been side loaded. Any customer that has a scoped app that falls within this scenario is required to work directly with the owner/vendor of the app to assist with data migration or fixes required to get the app to the desired state. It is important to note that moving an app from a developed app to an installed store app requires removing all components of the app in its entirety which effectively means data loss is imminent. Customers submitting a case for this specific scenario will be redirected to the vendor/owner of the app.