Danish Special characters like "æøå" are translated to � when using REST API


There were few custom tables that are enabled for REST calls . Records are inserted in these custom tables through REST calls from a PowerShell script.Issue observed is with the special characters "æøå" translated to "�" in the target fields and missing the actual content.

The fields in the custom table into which these special characters were to be inserted were already set to String (Full UTF-8)

Release or Environment

London Patch 10


Issue with charset in the REST call used in Powershell script


Make sure the Powershell script is modified as shown below in order to have the correct content translation in respective fields on the target tables. This works assuming the target field type is already set to String (Full UTF-8)

Code specific to REST call in the Powershell script:

# Send HTTP request
$responseUpdate = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $headers -Method $methodUpdate -Uri $uriUpdate -Body $bodyJson -ContentType "application/json;charset=utf-8"