Windows Discovery Failing when inserting into dcsy_router_interface table


Discovery of the device fails at identification.with the message-classified but not identified and error message in the discovery logs -CMDB Identification Error: Insertion failed with error Error during insert of table name - "dscy_router_interface"

Insertion failed with error,Insertion failed with error,In payload missing minimum set of input values for criterion (matching) attributes from identify rule for table [dscy_router_interface]. Add these input values in payload item '{"className":"dscy_router_interface","values":{"discovery_source":"ServiceNow","mac_address":"<MAC_ADDRESS>","name":"","ip_address":"<IP_ADDRESS>","sys_class_name":"dscy_router_interface"}}'


Release or Environment



  1. Under Filter navigator browse to 'CI Class Manager' and Click on 'Open Hierarchy' and search for 'Router Interface' as per the below screenshot.

  2. Enabled "Allow all NULL attributes" Under Class_Manager => Identification rule => Identification Entries => Check allow 'null attributes' as per the below screenshot.
  3. Click on submit