Agent workspace ignores E164 phone number formatting defined in Telephone Display Rules


If you have an E164 phone number field added on the form, in Agent Workspace it displays in incorrect format compared to viewing the same record in Platform UI.


Steps to Reproduce

1. On the sys_user table, create and add a new field of type E164 phone number
2. Create a new user with the following details:

Timezone: Asia/Tokyo
E164 field created from step 1: Choose "Japan" as the country and for the number put in +81 3-1234-5678
Location: Japan
Roles: itil

3. Add the E164 phone number field on the "Workspace" view on the incident form
4. Create a new incident record where the Caller will be the user created from step 2
5. Impersonate the user created in step 2 and open the same incident record created in step 4

Observe the E164 phone number field displays in different format when viewing the same record in platform UI.

E164 phone number format in platform UI:


E164 phone number format in Agent Workspace:


This problem has been fixed in New York Patch 7 and further. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In section to determine the latest version with a permanent fix your instance can be upgraded to.


Related Problem: PRB1377736