Performance Analytics Support for Business Calendars


Looking at the data on the indicator from analytics hub with time series as "Fiscal Quarterly" shows records from the earlier fiscal quarter, resulting in an incorrect score.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproducible on demonightlynewyork:
1. Generate Fiscal Periods, with regular type:
Start month 11 ( November)
Unit = Quarter
Generate for about 2 years 2018-2020 data.

2. Update the system property: = 11 ( November)

3. Create a new indicator source: (Example: )
Frequency = Fiscal quarterly
Facts Table = incident
Condition: Opened on This Fiscal Quarter (Expand Schedule option to find this option)

4. Create a new indicator to use this indicator source from step 3

5. Associate this indicator with a job and run the job for last years fixed schedule: (2018-11-01 to 2019-11-25)

6. Run the job as System Administrator user and observe the date conditions on the logs.

Result: Even if there are records for the fiscal quarter the hub shows 0 records.
Expected Result: The date condition should evaluate correctly for "Fiscal quarter schedule" correctly based on system timezone.


There is no known workaround for this issue.

Related Problem: PRB1376093