Clone Rollback Failure


When a rollback for a clone is initiated, it might show the status as "Rollback Failure". This article explains why this can occur, and what next steps should the administrator perform to troubleshoot.

After a clone of a prod instance over sub-prod, an administrator could notice changes in the instance before the clone were not transported. There is the option to rollback the clone by navigating to System Clone > Clone History.

Release or Environment

All releases.


After initiating the rollback of the clone, cases have been observed where the process stops with the status showing "Rollback Failure":

This is due to the missed completion of all the rollback workflow steps involved.

The clone rollback completes, but the scheduled cleanup job fails to trigger, so leaving the state to "Rollback Failure".


These scenario tends to be very rare, but if encountered, just raise a case in HI for ServiceNow Technical Support. The support team will check on the datacenter if the rollback was actually completed or not.

Customers can check for recent changes performed before cloning, to collect more details on the rollback completion status.