Data table from Instance Definition widget does not display pagination if there are more than 20 pages


In Service Portal, if you use the widget "Data Table from Instance Definition" and your query returns results over 20 pages the pagination does not display

Steps to Reproduce

Activate the Software Development Lifecycle plugin. Not necessary but steps were based on customer's scenario. This should also work on any table

1. Create about 99 records in the rm_defect table using the script below:

var gr = new GlideRecord('rm_defect');

for(i = 1; i <=99; i++) {
gr.opened_by = 'Beth Anglin';
gr.short_description = 'Defect ' + i;

2. Create a new service portal page and add the "Data Table from Instance Definition" widget with the following settings:

Maximum entries: 5
Filiter: opened_byDYNAMIC90d1921e5f510100a9ad2572f2b477fe^active=true

3. Impersonate Beth Anglin then go to the service portal page created in step 2

Expected behavior: Pagination should display page numbers in between the "<" and ">" buttons

Actual behavior: Only "<" and ">" buttons are displayed



This is expected behavior and by design in all currently supported releases.  If there are over 20 pages, only the Previous and Next buttons are shown.

Related Problem: PRB1376776