Queries on Agile 1.0 to 2.0 Migration


During the Agile 1.0 to 2.0 migration, as part of the "Delete Customizations" step the customer has the below queries,

->Upon adding the property "com.snc.sdlc.scrum.pp.delete_customer_updates", the property got vanishes from the sys_properties table

->Deleting the entries from the sys_update_xml table means the customizations are rolledback and ready for the upgrade.


Release or Environment

Any version



Whether the property "com.snc.sdlc.scrum.pp.delete_customer_updates" gets deleted after creating the same as a part of the "Delete the customizations" step.


Business rule "deleteCustomerUpdatesForScrumApplication" will actually delete the property once it do it's job of deleting the entries from the sys_update_xml table,

var property = "com.snc.sdlc.scrum.pp.delete_customer_updates";
var properties = new GlideRecord("sys_properties");
properties.addQuery("name", property);
if (properties.next()){
gs.log("[ScrumPP] Deleted system property " + property);


If deleting the records from the sys_update_xml is considered to be rolling back the customizations.


The BR has the below call on the sys_update_xml table,

var records = new GlideRecord("sys_update_xml");
records.addQuery("name", recordsToDelete);
var count = 0;
while (records.next()) {
gs.log("[ScrumPP] Deleting " + records.name + " from update set " + records.update_set.name);


function getRecordsToDelete() {
var recordsToDelete = [

return recordsToDelete;

Based on the above logic, it will try to match the entries defined in the "getRecordsToDelete" function on the sys_update_xml table and it will delete those entries correspondingly.

Upon the records being deleted from the sys_update_xml, when we proceed with installing the "Install Agile Development 2.0." plugin, it will ensure to update the metadata to the latest code.