Cannot update Standard Change Request form


Error on Standard Change Request form "fields backout plan, test plan, implementation plan populated from standard change proposal cannot be modified"

There is also an error in system logs "Operation against file 'change_request' was aborted by Business Rule 'Restrict fields from Standard Change'"


Business Rule: 'Restrict fields from Standard Change' is aborting the change because it is not considering the field type HTML as read only

The Implementation Plan, Backout Plan, and Test Plan fields dictionary settings were modified to HTML or any other fields other than string


You can put back these fields to 'string' type or remove these on read only and create your own script (you may need to deactivate or customize the script in the said business rule)

If any other fields are mentioned in the error message, check the out-of-box (OOB) dictionary settings of these fields and revert to OOB