Empty Outage Tasks Links [task_outage] record creation


On the Major Incident Workbench in the Outage widget. when you click the Create button and then click the x button on the form "empty" records are added to the list.

Release or Environment

Madrid and earlier


This is not a bug but the functionality itself, although a little misleading.

When you hit create it creates a glide_record and inserts it in the task_outage table. The form that you see is for update, so if you do not want the record to get created after the modal opens, simply click the delete button. x will close the dialog and not undo the already created record.

This is expected behaviour.




Use the delete button instead of the x button.


Note: This functionality has been changed in New York, where the record will not be created on clicking the Create button

Please refer to New York release notes : https://docs.servicenow.com/csh?topicname=incident-management-rn.html&version=latest

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce:

1. Navigate to Major Incidents.

2. Open a Major Incident.

3. Click View Workbench UI action.

4. Click the Create on the Outages widget.

5. Click on the x button on the form.

6. An empty record will appear in the Outages widget and will increment the Outages count by 1.

7. Click Manage on the Outages widget and it will redirect you to the Outages Tasks Links table where you will see the inserted records