Default value changed after upgrade to New York when inserting images


The default value changed to " Image Library" under the manage attachment popup,  "Type" dropdown when inserting images.


Previously, by default, the image used to get added as 'attachment'.

After the NewYork upgrade, the default is changed to ''Image Library'.


If all the users can't access Image Library, it will cause an error to those users every time they insert images. 


The OOB UI Macro named 'html_insert_image_dialog' is changed from Kingston to Newyork.

Within this macro, under HTML, line number: 6 is removed which used to set the default image type as 'attachment'.

Code of line 6:
<input type="hidden" id="ni.has_db_image" name="ni.has_db_image" value="${jvar_use_dbimage}"/>


To set the default image type as 'attachment', add the same code within the macro 'html_insert_image_dialog', under HTML, at line number: 6