Updating 'read-only' policy in files


ServiceNow platform has files that are Out of Box, also known as Out of Box (OOB), with protection policy set as 'read-only'. The following Script Include ChangeRequestStateHandlerSNC. is an example of one of those files:



The 'read-only' protection policy is set for a reason and should be respected. ServiceNow sets it when users (even admins) are not supposed to modify these files. The documentation about the 'read-only' protection policy states the following: "Select this option to allow other application developers to see your script logic, but not to change it."

The 'read-only' protection policy is also used to protect ownership of applications but one has to understand that Global scope is special compared to Private scopes:


If you have as a requirement to apply any customization to any script that has it's protection policy set as 'read-only', the recommendation is to create your own copy of this script and modify it to your own requirements:

If any issue is found during the process described above, please contact ServiceNow Technical Support.


Paid applications installed from the ServiceNow store are not owned by ServiceNow. It is required in this case to contact the Vendor of the application for informations relevant to protection policies at Vendor's files. Support Contacts can be found at store.servicenow.com at the page of the specific application.

Additional Information

More information about the Protection Policy can be found in the documentation in the follwoing chapters: