Name conflicts may be introduced by new OOB fields if a custom field having same name has been created in Studi on same table hierarchy


New fields can be created in Studio without having a custom 'u_' or scope 'x_' prefix. 

Name conflicts may occur if such a custom field exists in a table extending an Out of Box (OOB) table and that field does not have a prefix (e.g. created through Studio as part of a scoped application) and then an OOB field is introduced later during an upgrade.

In this case, the platform may add a field with the same name as that custom field resulting in a situation where there are 2 fields with the same name in the same hierarchy. That leads to inconsistent behavior as previous data saved on the custom field not being accessible/available in UI. 

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce have to take into account future development as a field with the same name needs to be created on the same table hierarchy before the upgrade.


This problem has been identified as a future possible product enhancement. You can subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of this form to be notified when more information will become available.

If after an upgrade or plugin update you experience an unexpected behavior related to a custom field that does not have a custom 'u_' or scoped 'x_' prefix. please validate if an OOB field with the same name has been added on the table hierarchy (parent or ancestor table) and contact ServiceNow Technical Support for further assistance. 

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