Filter Condition using "Keywords" becomes unresponsive in Report Builder


Filter Condition using "Keywords" becomes unresponsive in Report Builder

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set "" system property to true if needed.
2. Navigate to: Reports > View / Run
3. Click "Create a report"
4. If you taken to the new Report Designer, click "Switch to Classic UI"
5. Once in Report Builder, open browser developer tools, console.
6. Click "Add Filter Condition"
7. For the choose field dropdown, select "Keywords"
8. Click the dropdown again and select a different field, such as "Assigned to"

Expected: The "are" operator should switch to "is"
Actual: The "are" operator remainds unchanged and the browser console shows the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'tagName' of undefined
at e.unwrapAndEnableOrButton (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:3576)
at e.setHasKeyword (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:3565)
at e.setKeywordIndex (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:4138)
at e.fieldOnChange (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:4593)
at Object.trigger (VM495 js_includes_doctype.jsx:1433)
at HTMLSelectElement.<anonymous> (VM495 js_includes_doctype.jsx:1433)
at Function.each (VM495 js_includes_doctype.jsx:1431)
at n.fn.init.each (VM495 js_includes_doctype.jsx:1431)
at n.fn.init.trigger (VM495 js_includes_doctype.jsx:1433)
at s.triggerChange (VM521 heisenberg_all.jsx:1751)
9. Click the X to delete the filter condition
Expected: filter condition should be removed
Actual: Same console error thrown as in step 8.
10. Click the X again and a different error is thrown:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearFieldUsed' of null
at e.destroy (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:4419)
at e.remove (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:4259)
at deleteTD (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:2685)
at deleteFilterByID (VM520 js_includes_last_doctype.jsx:2673)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (

-- Issue doesn't occur in list view outside of reports


A fix is planned, and we recommend subscribing to the article for future information or upgrading to listed releases that offer the fix.

There is a workaround for this issue -

On the report builder classic UI, click "Switch to new UI" to be taken to the new Report Designer. From here the issue does not occur, so you can create or update your report as needed.

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