How to customize "group by" on list for a table


User need to remove some of the options from the "group by" in List view action.


Role required : admin


  1. Please try to replicate the same steps to remove the required fields from "Group by" - List view

  2. Open sys_dictionary.list in Native UI
  3. Filter with required Table Name and Column Name that you want to restrict.

    For example, Opened Dictionary entries page, filtered table name = Incident, and Column Name = Created by

  4. In the Created by Dictionary Entry page, below you can find Attributes sections.
  5. Click New -> Dictionary Attribute page opens
  6. Under Field name: "Attribute" update as 'Can group' and set the Value as 'false'
  7. Click submit.


Expected Behaviour:

Now if you go to the list view under "Group By" you will not find the field "Created by" and under Personalize list column the "Group by" will be set disabled.

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