Interactive filter working wrong


Widget filtered values are retained. But the filter selection is getting reset on the next login for the user.
This happened during the switching of Dashboard tabs as well.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Instance.
    2. Navigate to Dashboard with Interactive Filter
    3. Select values for the Interactive filter
    4. See the results getting filtered based on the filter value selected.
    5. Impersonate to another User
    6. And then Impersonate back to yourself (or) switch between tabs on the same dashboard.
    7. Error here: You can notice that the values of the Interactive Filter are being reset.
    8. But the values are having the previous filter selection being retained.

This is creating an inconsistency between the filter and the results being shown.


This behaviour has been confirmed as an issue with the platform and has been tracked through - PRB1345254

The problem has been fixed in our future releases - ORLANDO.

Till the fix is available and your instance is being upgraded to the version, you may use the workaround.

Click Refresh Filter to reset the filter options selection.