"Invalid Parameters" error after Migrating from legacy Ideas application to Idea Portal


As mentioned in the docs,  delete old states from sys_choice to shows new states in Idea portal 


Ideas which are not opening on the New Idea portal are due to below reasons

 1. 'marked for delete' field on Old Idea records () 

2. Should not have "null" value.

It is a boolean field and hence the null reference throws an error and therefore Ideas will not open.


Please set the 'marked for delete' field on these records to 'false' and it would solve the issue.
Also, export all the ideas and import them back, the records that were earlier showing "marked for delete" field set to null will be set to false and this resolves the issue.


1. Navigate to "Idea" table.
2. On "idea" table use the Filter icon to find the records with "marked for delete is empty"
3. From the list view set the "marked for delete" field value to 'false'.
4. Now you can open the records on the new Idea Portal.

Please try the workaround on sub-production instance before on Production instance.