Issue publishing Knowledge Articles


You have an issue publishing Knowledge Articles

You are unable to publish imported knowledge articles.
The review and publish functionality is not working.


Knowledgebase 'IT' which is defined to use the workflow 'Knowledge - Approval Publish' has no Owner or Manager associated to it.

For ''Knowledge - Approval Publish' workflow, it requires a review by approval users who are the Owner or Manager on the knowledgebase record.
As there were no Owner or Manager associated to the knowledgebase, the workflow 'Approval User' step was going to delete.


As a test I created a Knowledgebase, added an owner and manager.

I created a new Article in this knowledgebase

I clicked the 'publish' ui action, we can see that it is working properly as it is in the 'review' state with 2 Approval Users.

I have further approved one of the approval records and now the Article is in state 'Published'


To resolve this issue, in your knowledegbase record, ensure you add an owner and Manager that will approve the records.