Impossible to Import a CSV file with duplicate column names in header


When loading data into a SN table from a CSV file, there can be a duplicate column names in the source CSV file.
This prevents a successful import into the platform


This is happening because there is a header in the CSV file that has column names. The import code uses that header which is comma delimited to create a table and column names.

As it is not possible to have a duplicate column name in a database table, the import fails.

Note that blank columns (columns of data with nothing in them) are treated as valid columns. This means that if the customer has the same number of commas at the end of each row, the platform will treat these as columns with the same column header and will produce this same error message.  


As it is not possible to upload a CSV file without headers, the only solution is to reprocess the source CSV file BEFORE the data gets loaded into the platform.

We strongly encoutage you to collaborate with vendor to prevent the files from having duplicate column names