NetScaler Load Balancers all named 'netscaler' after discovery


All of the discovered NetScaler Load Balancers have been given the name 'netscaler.'

Discovery is configured to use DNS for names, but it appears that the "Netscaler Load Balancer" pattern is not doing a nslookup.

System property "glide.discovery.hostname.snmp_trusted" is set to false.



Pattern: Netscaler Load Balancer
a. It gets the name (sysName) in step 1.1 and then uses it (in 1,2) during, set the variable $formattedSysName.
b. Then use the above variable in step#6 "6. Update NetScaler table" to update the name.


To verify the NetScaler device 'sysName':

Check the snmp mib and verify the 'sysName' value by running the command below.
Command: "show snmp mib"

To change the value of the 'sysName':

Run the command below to set the name of the SNMP MIB.
Command: "set mib -name <DNS_NAME or NAME_OF_THE_NETSCALER_LB>"

Run Discovery again on the device.

Additional Information

Note: When using probes and sensors and the system property glide.discovery.hostname.snmp_trusted is set to false, the system uses dns_name as the load balancer name. When using the Netscaler Load Balancer pattern, the system currently doesn’t recognize this system property when it is set to false.

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