Steps to switch a scoped application from your company's application repository to update sets


Your company's mandate may be to use update sets so that an application can be developed on any instance. Previously, a single instance had authorship of the application, and published the application to your company's application repository.  Other instances could download the application, but not change the application.

On your Test instance where your scoped application was previously installed from the company's application repository, you are trying to apply an update set that contains the company’s scoped app. On your Dev instance, where the company app was developed, you had ‘published to update set’.

The update set preview on Test shows this "Skip Remote Update' preview error for all the records in the update set:

"Cannot commit Update Set ‘_____’ because: Scope ‘_____’ is not 'Global', and not-installed application with the same scope found in instance. Install application and preview update set again. Resolve the problem before committing."

Release or Environment

London, Madrid, NewYork


The Test instance previously had the scoped app that was downloaded from the company application repository.  

You had uninstalled the scoped app from the Test instance by:

1) Navigating to the sys_store_app record, and

2) Clicking Uninstall.

3) But not all the database records were removed because the option to uncheck the 'Retain tables and data' checkbox was grayed out on the Test instance for admin users.

4) The system prompted you to type in uninstall and click OK

5) The progress bar reported success, but your database tables remained on the Test instance.

That's why the "Cannot commit Update Set" error occurred. The database on the Test instance still contained the tables from the scoped application.


The fix is clean up the tables for the scoped app on the Test instance so that the update set from the Dev instance can be applied. 

Navigate to sys_store_app record on the Test instance and click the 'Remove tables and data' command.

That click will finish to uninstall the store application from the Test instance.  The update set that had shown the 'Cannot commit' errors will be emptied when the store application is uninstalled.

At this point, no update set will be loaded on the Test instance.

Load the retrieved update set from the Dev instance again onto the Test instance. 

Preview the update set on the Test instance, and fix any preview errors.

Then you will be able to commit the update set successfully..