Clicking on Save / Submit UI Action on any record redirects to new record form (sys_id=-1)


When any of the UI actions such as Save/Submit on any record redirects to a new records for instead of saving the changes made on the form. This is not just with one particular UI action. This happens with any of the UI actions on the form.

Release or Environment

All versions.


This is caused by presence of <form> tags with method POST on the record. This can present in any of the following places.

1) In any of the HTML fields on the form
2) Added as a comments/work_notes to the form. Mostly this happens due to the comments/work_notes added when a email sent/received.

An example of such HTML content on the form as follows.

<form class="form_body form-horizontal tabs_disabled" style="padding-bottom: 10px;" accept-charset="UTF-8" action="" method="POST" name="">


To fix this the <form> tag content should be removed from the record's form.

1) If the content is in the HTML field, it is simple. Go to the source code format of the HTML field and remove the content with <form> tags.

2) If the content is in the activity stream
a) If the content is added to comments/work_notes, delete the entries from sys_journal_field table.
b) If the content is as an email to the activity stream, delete the entries from sys_email table.
c) Delete the audit records related to this content.
d) Refresh the history set of the record.

Note : The above steps should be performed with caution.