How to provide security_admin role to the users?


In the base system, only the default System Administrator (admin) user has the security_admin role. Some times, it is required to give security_admin role to some more users in the instance. This article describes the steps to provide security_admin role to the users in the instance.

Release or Environment

London and later releases


  1. Login to the instance with "System administrator" profile or with any user profile that already has security_admin role.
  2. Elevate the roles from little lock icon on the top right corner of the header.
  3. Go to sys_user.list and open the record of the selected user
  4. In the Roles related list, click on 'Edit'
  5. Add the security_admin role in the slushbucket and 'Save'

Note: If there are no users with security_admin role assigned in the instance, contact ServiceNow support.

Additional Information