Unable to close the Project task, the percent complete field value did not move to 100% even though all its sub tasks are closed complete and have percent complete field values set to 100%


Out of the box in the base system, the functionality for a project task is to mark the Percent complete as 100% and close the project task when all the related tasks are closed and the predecessors are closed.

In this Case,  Percent complete is set to 99.88 and the task is not closed even though all its sub tasks have Percent complete set to 100% .

The Percent complete on the Project task should be 100% as the calculation automatic and should be based on the related tasks.


Corrupt record. in Audit History, it was observed that the percent complete was set in 2018 even before the Project Task started in 2019



Re-open one of the sub tasks of the Project task
Then close this sub project task again

Tested this by importing the top project into the base system instance
The above steps forced the recalculation
- The Project task was closed
- Percent complete was set to 100% on the Project Task