Form email does not load when opened by a user


When a user goes to form record and clicks the three dots to see more options in the top right header bar

Clicking on Email to bring the email option


The email function does seem to load correctly


Release or Environment

Observed in Madrid+


The cause of this was related to Email Client Canned Messages (sys_email_canned_message) having a variable declared but the canned messages itself does not have a table that can be selected hence you will see an error in the node logs that looks something like this:

SEVERE *** ERROR *** null:1078:41: <g2:get_canned_messages> For input string: "</p>

This can also be caused by having HTML tags inside of the ${variable} declaration. For example: ${<span style="color:#000000;">variable</span>}


Removing the offending ${variable} variable allow the email to load correctly.

In the case where HTML tags are present inside of the ${variable} declaration, move the HTML outside of the ${variable} to allow this to function properly.