PA/Domain Separation - Drilling down from a dashboard with a domain configuration shows scores from user domain, not the selected one.


On a domain separated instance with PA installed: if you create a dashboard with a domain configuration and select a domain to which you have visibility, on drilling-down to the analytics hub the selected domain is ignored and the hub loads the scores from your current domain.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install 'Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer' with demo data
  2. Install 'Performance Analytics - Premium' and 'Performance Analytics - Domain Support' plugins
  3. Navigate to the Incidents list and move all incidents to the 'ACME' domain
  4. Create a new user group and add visibility to the 'ACME' domain. Assign this to the admin user.
  5. Create a PA Domain Configuration with the following options:
    • Name: ACME Domain Configuration
    • Type: Conditions
    • Conditions: Domain | is | ACME
    • Roll up: False¬†
  6. Open the '[PA Incident] *' Data collector jobs and apply the new domain configuration. Execute the jobs
  7. Open the 'Number of new incidents' indicator and confirm that there are scores for the 'ACME' domain
  8. Create a new dashboard (Owner = system admin) and add the 'ACME domain' domain configuration. Save and click on 'View dashboard'
  9. Add an OOTB PA Widget -> 'ootb - incident open by age - stacked column'
  10. Impersonate the system administrator and select any domain other than ACME
  11. Open the dashboard and select the 'ACME' domain from the picker. Scores appear on the widget
  12. Drill down on a score
  13. Observe the user gets this message

"No data to analyze yet. This may be because the indicator hasn't been added to a data collection job, or because its data collection job hasn't run. If this is a manual indicator, no one has entered data"



Set the '' property to true to use the legacy detailed scorecard.

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