How to make "gs.isMobile()" return "true" if "glide.ui.m_enabled" is set to false


gs.isMobile() is a method to determine whether an action was taken through the mobile UI.

glide.ui.m_enabled is a system property which turns on/off the mobile web UI

Release or Environment

Madrid and above.


The value of system property "glide.ui.m_enabled" is true by default.

The function "gs.isMobile()" returns true if an action is from Mobile App.

Otherwise it will return false.

However, "gs.isMobile()" always returns false if "glide.ui.m_enabled" is set to false.

The logic of "gs.isMobile()" is skipped.

There is an alternative that "gs.isMobile()" will return true as well.

Set the value of the system property "glide.ui.mobile_agents" to the same as OOB "glide.ui.m_agents"(iphone, android_phone, IEMobile, Windows Phone, iPod, Windows CE, BlackBerry, BB10).

Meanwhile, the User Preference "mobile_use_full.iphone" and "" CANNOT be set to true.