Using 'ref_auto_completer=AJAXReferenceChoice' on a reference field blocks the reference field icon


Using 'ref_auto_completer=AJAXReferenceChoice' on a reference field when the number of choices is greater than the "glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown" system property (or the "max_ref_dropdown" dictionary attribute) does not work and generates an error, causing the reference icon to not go away on clearing the value. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the sys_dictionary entry for cmdb_ci reference field on task ( / ).

2. Remove the existing attributes from the 'Attributes' field and add the following:

3. Save.

4. Open the task form.

5. Add any value to the cmdb_ci field. Notice the reference icon shows up.

6. Clear the value and observe that reference icon is still there.


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As per design, the three conditions below need to be true for the reference field to not be displayed as a choice but to remain as a reference field:

  1. A reference field is used as a choice field by setting the "Choice List Specification > Choice" to either of the "Dropdown" options, and
  2. The "ref_auto_completer" attribute is set to "AJAXReferenceChoice", and
  3. The number of choices is greater than the system property "glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown" - which defaults to 25 - or the number of choices is greater than the field's dictionary attribute of "max_ref_dropdown".

Because of this, there is no benefit to specifying the "ref_auto_completer" as "AJAXReferenceChoice" when there are many options for the field. The "AJAXReferenceChoice" is better suited to a small number of choices or else the choice list would display beyond the bottom of the visible area.

As a workaround, set the "ref_auto_completer" to either "AJAXTableCompleter" (recommended for references to cmdb_ci) or "AJAXReferenceCompleter" depending on which UI style you prefer.

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