After an upgrade to New York, invalid Software Model Lifecycles can be created, with backwards dates


After New York Upgrade, there is no prevention mechanism for creating a life-cycle that has an End of Life date earlier than a General Availability date.

In the Madrid release, the Business Rule "Compare lifecycle phase start dates" was active and the prevention mechanism was in place, however, after upgrading to New York, this Business Rule has been deactivated.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to a Software Model Record
    2. In the Software Model Lifecycles tab, Click "New"
    3. Create a new SW model lifecycle, where Phase = General Availability, Type = Internal, and Date = 2020-06-01
    4. Create another SW model lifecycle, where Phase = End of Life, Type = Internal, and Date = 2020-03-01

Expected Result - A business rule prohibits the Software Model Lifecycle from being created since you cannot have an End-of-Life life cycle prior to the General Availability of the Software Model.
Actual Result - The system allows you to create the Software Model Lifecycle


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If validation is only required for the lifecycles that are created by customers, and not for lifecycles from Servicenow Content Service, then a new custom Business Rule can be created to achieve this.

Lifecycles created from Servicenow Content Service have the source as "service_now", so the following could be done:

  1. Copy the existing Business Rule, using Insert and Stay
  2. Add the condition to the newly created Business Rule:
    1. Source is not 'service_now'
    2. AND phase start date "is not empty"

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