SSO Login and Redirection to a Service Portal


There are two or more IdPs configured without a Auto-Redirect IdP configured.  You want to direct users to a certain service portal for SSO login using a URL that points to a service portal with an IdP sys_id defined in glide_sso_id, for example:



Where the Service Portal URLs are test_sp and test_sp2.

But this does not direct users to these portals for login.

Release or Environment

Applies to any release.


This is not supported and will not work:


https://<instance_name> does not support the deep link.


You will need to go here instead:


To configure the specific IdP to use, use this KB as a guide:

In step 2. of the Resolution you can go ahead and comment out the line (data.default_idp = GlideProperties.get("glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp");), but also add this one just under it:

data.default_idp ='8abf82b9dbf08414b9d31649489619d5';

8abf82b9dbf08414b9d31649489619d5 is the sys_id of the IdP you want to use for the specific portal. You will apply this to both portals test_sp and test_sp2.

So later in the Client Controller script, 8abf82b9dbf08414b9d31649489619d5 will be the "":

if (! && && {
action: "set_sso_destination",
}).then(function() {
$window.location = "/" +;

You can add additional coding to the Server script if you need to make the redirection more selective or complex.