Knowledge Article get copied to comments and not worknotes


The issue occurs when we attach a knowledge article to an incident, the knowledge article content is not copied to the work notes but a link is added to the comments field

Release or Environment



Change in functionality


To change the article content being added to work notes instead of comments fields, please follow the below steps:
Summary: glide.knowman.attach.fields always add attachment details in comments after upgrading to Madrid

Below are the steps to set up the field in Madrid:
1)Navigate to Contextual Search > Table Configuration > open a record, e.g. Incident table with UI type as a platform
2)In the related list of "Search Action Configurations", open the record which has "Action label" as Attach, and "Search resource" as KnowledgeSearchResource
3) In this "Search Action Configuration" record, one field is called the "Attach note field".
4)Change this field to "work_notes" from "comments"
5)Perform a before trying it out.