'Show Me Everything' in the Virtual agent, does not bring all Active/Published topics


All active and published topics are not shown in virtual agent when clicked on 'Show Me Everything Option'

Release or Environment



1. There is a field 'Is Topic Visible' on the table sys_cs_topic, which is not set to true / or checked.


2. There is another field 'Applicability' which might have some value and won't allow topic to be displayed in virtual agent.




3) The topic's Topic Type might be set to 'Setup Topic' instead of just 'Topic'.


1. Set 'Is topic visible' to true for all the active and published topics not displayed in virtual agent.

2. After setting 'Is topic visible' to true, it is possible some topics might still not show up in virtual agent because they have applicability set to some value other than true.

Removing the applicability will allow the topic to show up in virtual agent.

3.  If it is neither of the above, check the topic's Type.  If the value is 'Setup Topic', it'll need to be changed to just 'Topic'.