An approver without any role cannot open an attachment on a RITM in the approval section (widget) of Service Portal. Why?


The user is concerned that an approver without any roles, "Tony Stark", cannot open an attachment on RITM0010000 in the Service Portal approval module (/sp?id=approval&table=sysapproval_approver&sys_id=633e03b9db00c01091a5ea42ca96192e). They wanted to know why this is.


The reason the user "Tony Stark" is not able to view the sys_attachment is that he is failing ACLs.

Here is an explanation of what is happening for Tony: attachments have a parent field. In this case, RITM0010000 is the parent record.

Tony does not have access to the parent (RITM0010000), therefore he cannot access the attachment. This is a Platform behavior/rule.

If the user wants Tony to have access, they need to configure their ACLs to allow public access (that is, to allow users like Tony with no roles to access).