Drilldown from a report is not opening the list with choice selected in the report. It uses the view selected for the list view if it's not the 'Default view'.


From the Style tab in a report, you can specify the Drilldown attribute. The one selected from the report is not opening the select list view. It uses the view selected for the list view if it's not the 'Default view'.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Enter 'incident.list' in the Filter Navigator to display the Incident list.
2. Use the 'hamburger' icon and select the View named 'Major incidents' (issue cannot be replicated if you select the 'Default view').
3. Navigate to: Reports > View / Run
4. Search and Open the report named 'All Incidents by Assignment'. It's a Bar report.
5a. New UI: Go to the 'Style' section.
5b. Classic UI: Click on the cogwheel next to the Type field.
6. Select 'Mobile' as Drilldown view.
7. Save and run the report.
8a. Click on any of the bars to get to the Incident list.
8b. Ctrl + click (for Windows) or Command + click (for Mac) to open the Incident list in a new tab.

> Expected behavior: The Incident list should be displayed based on view selected on the report (Mobile).

> Actual behavior: The Incident list is displayed based on the view selected earlier in the Incident list even though '&sysparm_view=Mobile' is appended to the URL


This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

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