MID Server agent log has Install name: Demo Server


MID Server's agent log (./agent/logs/agent0.log.0) may show the Install Name as "Demo Server", which is confusing and probably wrong for your instance.

10/24/19 11:00:03 (398) MIDServer MID Server started
10/24/19 11:00:07 (284) StartupSequencer Successfully connected to instance:
10/24/19 11:00:07 (284) StartupSequencer Install name: Demo Server

Release or Environment



This is nothing to worry about. Our instance provisioning scripts use "Demo Server" as a default value for all instances. You will also see that value at the top of the /stats.do page.

If you prefer some other value, then you can change the system property that defines the text:

  1. Log in an an admin.
  2. Navigate to System Properties > All Properties.
  3. Search and open the property named glide.installation.name 
  4. Change the value.
  5. Save the record.

This will have no functional effect at all for the instance, so can safely be changed to anything.