On the "System Clone" form, the options for "Exclude audit and log data", "exclude large attachment data and preserve theme" are hidden


When you navigate to "System clone => Request Clone", the system presents the clone request form as shown below, where the clone options are hidden.


Release or Environment

London, Madrid, Newyork


The Options section on the "System clone" form has been collapsed due to user preference "collapse.section.323e6757e70013005b232fefc2f6a957".

"collapse.section.323e6757e70013005b232fefc2f6a957" user preference setting has been automatically overriden to "true", when the user reloads the form.

This is caused by the "Instance Clone onLoad Collapse Sections" onload out of the box client script(uri=sys_script_client.do?sys_id=e69fef57e70013005b232fefc2f6a9f3%26sysparm_view=clone_request), which is hiding the "Options" section on clone form on every page load. 

This client script was introduced from London release onwards as part of product enhancement, that is the "Options" section will be hidden by default for the user if the user wanted to fill in the options, he needs click on expand option on the form section.

Possibly this is introduced to avoid administrators accidentally changing the clone options.


For now, you have 2 ways to work around the issue,

Additional Information

System clone

Client scripts