Analytics on specific service portal


This article would be helpful in knowing the steps and procedure to setup the reporting for custom service portals.


Section 1:

Install the below 2 plugins on any OOB instance:
1) Performance Analytics and Reporting — Service Portal Widgets
2) Performance Analytics Content Pack for Service Portal

- After installing, navigate to Self Service > Dashboards.
- enter "portal" as in the search field
- "Utility Dashboards" will appear in the search results.
- Click on "Utility Dashboards"
- It has selection box to select different portals available in your instance.
- This should load reports based on the portal usage (however if you cannot see any data populated here, follow the below steps in Section 2 to trouble shoot)


Section 2:

Left Nav > Search for "Jobs"
- Under Performance Analytics > Data Collector > click on "Jobs"
- Search for [PA Service Portal] Daily Data Collection and open the record.
- You can here input the below fields for data collection:
1) Relative start interval (Ex: weeks ago)
2) Run as (Ex: System Administrator)
- Save and click on Execute now
- Reload the form and you can see Job Logs (in related section) showing Data collection state.

If the above steps is successful, you can see reports on "Utility Dashboards" as mentioned in Section 1.