Unable to tap on string type fields where they freeze and are not-editable until at least few clicks in iOS 13.1.3 using Mobile Classic


Build information:
iOS 13.1.3
Now Classic app version 6.4.

Issue Description:
Not able to tap on string type fields after upgrading to iOS 13.1.3. Using the arrows (up/down) work to edit the fields. Issue occurs after upgrading to the latest iOS version. 


Steps to Reproduce

Ensure the iOS is 13.1.3

  1. Login into the Now Classic app
  2. Navigate to "Create New" under Incident
  3. Tap on the Short Description field or any string type field

Expected behavior: 
We should be able to get focus on string fields like Short Description and it should be editable

Actual behavior: 
Nothing happens when tapping in the string type field, but works for other field types.



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