What mobile app do I use?


Now Mobile:

Enable your users to submit incidents and requests, manage tasks, and access company resources from anywhere using the Now Mobile app.

Requires New York and com.glide.mobile-employee plugin (plugin is enabled for new instances but requires activation for upgraded instances)


ServiceNow Onboarding:

Enable your new hires to complete onboarding to-dos, ask questions, and view relevant content using the new Mobile Onboarding app.


Mobile Agent:

Focuses on the fulfillers or agents within an organisation.

Released when Madrid was released.

If you not using New York and are unsure which mobile app to get, use this one.


ServiceNow Classic:

This is the first app released and now legacy mobile app.

Additional Information

If you try to use the Now Mobile app for instances that are not New York you will get an error "The instance you are trying to connect to does not support this mobile app. Contact your administrator"