Connect Support Agent receives the following message, "You have reached the maximum number of open support conversations"


In this article we'll discuss how to troubleshoot Connect Support agents when they're not able to accept new chats.  Instead, they're seeing the following message: "You have reached the maximum number of open support conversations"


This error is the result of x number of [chat_queue_entry] records assigned to the agent which still fulfill the condition of 'active=true'.  In this case, 'x' represents the system property [].  Even if the agent doesn't see 'x' number of chats in their Connect side bar or primary cases, there could still be some older chats unexpectedly hanging around. Let's take a look at how to resolve this.


First, verify the property setting here:

  1. Navigate to Connect > Support Administration > Properties
  2. Find and verify the setting, "Number of support conversations an individual agent can have at one time"

Next, let's go find the records affecting the user:

  1. Navigate to chat_queue_entry.list
  2. Use the condition builder to filter where "Active is true" and "Assigned to is <affected_agent>"

This should verify the user has more active records than the configured maximum.  It would be advised to review these returned records to consider if there are old/unexpected records which you can directly administer to a closed state (active = false).  The message will go away when the agent's active chats return below the configured setting.