Code color highlighting does not work on the Service Portal Widget Editor.


The article helps in fixing Code color highlighting on the Service Portal Widget Editor. 

  1. Navigate to Service portal widgets
    2. Open any widget
    3. In the related links section, Click on Open in Widget Editor

Expected: In the widget editor, the code should be highlighted in different colors
Actual: In the widget editor, the code is not highlighted in different colors and the whole code is shown in black.

When this happens the following error is seen in browser console.

js_includes_sp.jsx?v=11-11-2018_0542&lp=Wed_Nov_21_14_46_34_PST_2018&c=6_58:12319 ReferenceError: CodeMirror is not defined
at js_includes_sp.jsx?v=11-11-2018_0542&lp=Wed_Nov_21_14_46_34_PST_2018&c=6_58:62399
at js_includes_sp.jsx?v=11-11-2018_0542&lp=Wed_Nov_21_14_46_34_PST_2018&c=6_58:15400
at completeOutstandingRequest (js_includes_sp.jsx?v=11-11-2018_0542&lp=Wed_Nov_21_14_46_34_PST_2018&c=6_58:9011)
at js_includes_sp.jsx?v=11-11-2018_0542&lp=Wed_Nov_21_14_46_34_PST_2018&c=6_58:9140

Release or Environment

All releases


Missing sp_codemirror_includes dependency in the widget dependencies for the widget "widget-edit-panel"


Add the sp_codemirror_includes dependency to the widget-edit-panel widget.

  1. Open widget "widget-edit-panel"
  2. Go to Dependencies Related list
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Select "sp_codemirror_includes"
  5. Click on Save