SLAs are canceled on "Resolved" State


The user wanted to know why their SLAs are canceling on setting the "Status" (State) field to a value of "Resolved".


The user's SLAs are canceling because the Start conditions are no longer true (which is how the user had configured their SLA Definitions to behave - "When to cancel" is set to "Start conditions are not met").

For example, SLA Definition "Dust ceiling fans in Avengers Facility (1-3 days)" has Start conditions as:

Looking at the audit history for AF0021654, it was seen that when the "Status" field is set to a value of "Resolved", the "Active" field is also set to "False" from "True". Therefore, the Start conditions of the Avengers Facility SLA are no longer met, hence, the SLA should cancel. The SLA did not meet the Stop condition ("Status" field set to a value of "Closed"), so the SLA will not complete. It will cancel.

Moreover, the reason the Avengers Facility record (e.g. AF0021654) is going to "Active" = "False" upon setting the "Status" (State) field value to "Resolved" is because the user modified the sys_choice record for "Resolved" to be '3', the default value for "Closed" in an Out of Box (OOB) system. The same default closed State value is set in the TaskStateUtil Script Include and "mark closed" Business Rule.

The user now simply needs to decide if they want to modify their SLA to embrace their custom sys_choice values, or if they will return to OOB sys_choice labels and values.