Inconsistent and incorrect User Criteria Results on Knowledge Articles


Using the 'Run User Criteria Diagnostics' on Knowledge Articles results in inconsistent and incorrect results for Knowledge Article availability to users. After clearing the cache and retesting, we get different results.


Steps to Reproduce:

1. As a Knowledge Admin, run user diagnostic tool for an article, selecting a user that should be included in the criteria results.

2. Observe an error like "User does not have access to article (KB0000961) in knowledge base (Human Resources General Knowledge)."

3. Impersonate "User" and notice that the affected user does have access to the KB article which we are checking against Diagnostic tool


Known error fixed in:

PRB1294404 - 'HR criteria is evaluated incorrectly in User Criteria Diagnostics and Preview Articles with blocks'

PRB1319818 - 'User Criteria Diagnostic tool providing inaccurate results for User Criteria created from HR Criteria'



This issue is fixed in the Madrid release. The recommendation is to not run User Criteria Diagnostics in HR until upgrading to Madrid.

PRB1319818 was fixed as part of the fix for PRB1294404.