Group approval records not moved to 'No Longer Required' after one user from the group approves the record


After upgrading from Kingston 14b to Madrid Patch 6 Hotfix1 in DEV and TEST. When a group member approves, the approval requests for other group members are not being set to No Longer Required. This is seen in Group approvals in Change and Request.

For group approvals created and requested after the upgrade, the approval requests for other group members are correctly being set to No Longer Required as expected.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Approvals table (sysapproval_approver)
  2. Find a RITM waiting for Group Approval
  3. Go to the RITM and approve on behalf of one of the approvers
  4. Go back to the list of approvers on the RITM to see the other Group Members still have approvals as 'Requested' instead of updating to 'No Longer Required'


Check the Production instance if there is a clone done to non-production instances before the upgrade.

When a Clone is done from one instance to another instance, there are Exclude tables which will not be cloned: https://<instance name>

Due to this, the workflow contexts are not cloned from your Production to non-production instances.

As there are no workflow contexts attached to the Requested Items, whenever an approval from a group is being approved, the group approval is not getting updated as there is no workflow context.