Task and Catalog Task tables has the same prefix value


Task and Catalog Task table has the same prefix value.


This is related to a know problem PRB657894. As per the notes in the problem, the PRB will NOT be fixed for customers who have upgraded from an older version. The fix ONLY applies to brand new or z-booted instances. This is intentional. The only way to apply the fix on older upgraded instances is to manually change the prefix on the sys_number record.


Follow below steps for a workaround to fix the issue. Please validate the workaround first on dev instance.

1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_number_list.do in the Filter navigator text field and press enter or return on your keyboard.
2. Search for and open the record with table as Catalog Task.
3. Change the prefix on the record from TASK to SCTASK.
4. Save the record.