If 'Requetsed for' is a different user then user who submits request, cannot see the request in service portal.


In london, user who submits request for any other user, cannot see that request in service portal.

User for whom the request was submitted can see the request.

Release or Environment



Menu Item 'requests' checks for only 'requested_for' user's sys_ID and not for 'opened_by'


 To make required changes to show requests to users who submitted request, follow the below steps:
a. Navigate to service portal >> portals
b. open the required portal record and open the 'Main Menu Record'{Refer to screenshot}


c. In the server script add below lines:
var z1 =z.addQuery('requested_for', gs.getUserID());
var z2 = z1.addOrCondition('opened_by', gs.getUserID());
instead of :
z.addQuery('requested_for', gs.getUserID());
Refer to the screenshot attached.(menu_item_request)